Yoga at WIP


We are happy to offer YOGA at WIP Fitness on Sunday mornings in West Hartford at 11:15 am

A regular yoga practice will help improve your recovery and increase your performance in Boot Camp.



1)   Yoga lengthens muscles and improves mobility.  By targeting tight spots, specifically hips, hamstrings, and shoulders, yoga balances out contractive exercises.  Increasing range of motion reduces injury and improves recovery time following Boot Camp.

2)   Yoga highlights breath and balance.  Learning to manage and regulate breath improves cardiovascular performance during metabolic sessions. And balance is essential for most of the circuits offered at WIP.

3)   Yoga improves core strength. Continue to build incredible core strength, leading to an improved posture and a healthy spine.  

4)   Yoga offers a chance to relax.  Often called the Best Finisher Ever, Savasana (final resting pose) may be your sole opportunity during the week to really unwind, let go, relax and be present.

5)   Yoga helps improve your relationship with your body.  By tuning in to your inside “voice”, a regular yoga practice allows you to safely ramp up or tone down your workouts.  Body wisdom and proper alignment are essential for avoiding injury and promoting longevity in your physically active life.  

6)   Yoga can be a stand-alone workout.  WIP’s yoga teachers have all received their 200-hour training certification for Power Yoga from West Hartford Yoga.  While the class is accessible to all levels, most leave feeling like they have had a complete workout for mind, body, and spirit.  

Join us on Sunday for an opportunity to stretch, breathe, move and tone.