Pre-Registration FAQs

1.Why do I have to pre-register for classes now, I never did that before?

We are growing, and always striving to provide our clients with the best workout experience possible.  We received a lot of feedback from our most recent survey, as well as from the coaches regarding class capacity.  Pre-registration will allow us to ensure class sizes remain manageable and everyone gets a great workout.

2.Where does one sign up for classes?

On the mindbody app- it’s super simple to download, and you can add WIP as one of your favorites.  Feel free to ask any Ambassador to show you, if you need some help.  You can also always register through the mindbody website, which is accessible off our website.    

Download Mindbody app for Apple

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3. What exactly is the policy regarding pre-registering?

We have an 8 hour cancellation window.  If you cancel 8 hours or more before the class starts there is no fees will apply.  If you cancel less than 8 hours of the class, monthly members will be charged a $5 fee, punch card members will forfeit a class.   If you are a no show, monthly members will be charged $10 and punch card members will forfeit a class.

4. When can I start registering for classes?

Classes will open up in mindbody two weeks in advance of each class.

5. What are the capacity limits for each class?

West Hartford will be capped at 28 per class.  Only exception is the 5:45am, which will be capped at 30.  Canton will be capped at 20.  Each class will have 5 waitlist spots.

6. I was put on the waitlist, what does that mean?

Each class has 5 spots for clients to be waitlisted.  Should a spot open up, you will receive an email, putting you in the class.  Upon getting into a class, all the policies apply regarding cancellation and no show. If you are waitlisted and never get pulled into the class, you will not be charged any fee or loss of a class. You will be informed via email at least 8 hours prior to the start of class if you have been moved into the class.

7. My child was sick, I got sick, I have some legitimate excuse why I never showed up

Understand that life happens; you can reach out to to discuss circumstances.

8. I never pre-registered and I show up to class, can I work out?

If the class has capacity, you can simply register on the app on the spot.  If the class is full, unfortunately you will not be able to work out. 

9. I struggle with technology, and my app isn’t working/I don’t know what I am doing?

No problem, we have all been there!  Feel free to ask an ambassador for help, or you can always email and we can take a look at your account and make sure everything is set up properly.