Our Story


Mary Kate and Laura met years ago and reconnected while taking group fitness classes in West Hartford.  After trying many different workouts, we tagged along with a friend to a boot camp class and were immediately hooked. We looked better, felt stronger and had a sense of accomplishment after completing each tough workout.

We loved the intensity of the classes but wanted a less complicated more—welcoming experience.  Since we couldn't find exactly what we wanted, we created it!

We are not trainers, we are clients.  We have found trainers that deliver the perfect workout so that we can focus on providing you an ideal overall experience.

Everything about the Work in Progress experience puts the client first - intensity, simplicity, flexibility and value. So what does that mean?  All the fees that you hate...we hate. All the complicated membership plans that annoy you...annoy us. Work in Progress offers two different ways to enjoy your workout - an unlimited monthly and a punchcard option.  You choose what suits your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Get in, Get Out, Get on With Life!

See you at the next workout!