Q&A w/Challenge Rock Stars & NEW "Ultimate" Challenge PRIZE

We spend so much time talking about how amazing the actual 5 week challenge is...but the real magic happens after the Challenge ends.   Our hope for the challenge is that after this 5 weeks you will feel great, realize you CAN WIP, you WANT to WIP and you realize you SHOULD commitment to yourself.  Because ultimately that should be everyone's Challenge End Goal.  To adapt some new habits, both in the gym (upping your attendance, picking up heavier weights or just sticking to a new fitness regimen) and out of the gym (better nutrition, feeling good, reaching an attainable goal, and celebrating small personal victories).  

I recently asked 3 rockstar clients, who all started on the first day of the challenge last year and continue to completely CRUSH IT still, a few questions about their WIP Experience, their goals & achievements and some advice for potential new WIPsters nervous to join the challenge.

Q:  What were you most nervous about before coming to WIP & what got you to finally come to WIP?

E: I hadn't worked out regularly in a while so I was nervous about not being able to keep up! 

C: I was worried that I was too out of shape to join WIP. I feared I wouldn’t be able to do any of the exercises.

J: My husband Paschal had been going to WIP for over a year and kept telling me I should go too! I thought it would be way too hard! Then, Kirsti O'Keefe and I discussed it and she encouraged me to try it out!  Kirsti, along with Andrea Sweeney have become my "accountability partners" and this has become invaluable. 

Q: What do you love most about WIP?

E: There's so much to love! I love the encouraging community, skilled & inspiring coaches, and dynamic, challenging workouts that change on a daily basis.

C: I love the coaches and the amazing workout buddies I’ve met. WIP is such a welcoming community.

J: The coaches know your name and acknowledge even the smallest accomplishments or improvements.

Q: Since joining WIP what's your biggest personal victory/accomplishment?

E: Gaining muscle and losing 10lbs!

C: My greatest personal victory is sticking with WIP since joining. Sure, there have been better weeks than others, but overall, I stayed committed for the entire year. 

J: I love that the coaches know my name and are always encouraging and I love how accomplished I feel after the class!  This past year has flown by! I realize how much stronger I've become and I've even lost some weight along the way. The most important thing has been taking time to focus and invest in myself. I've reached the point where I don't care what anyone thinks, I'm here for ME to become healthier and stronger and I've given up comparing myself to others!

Q: What would your advice to new or potential WIPster be?

E: Everyone is starting in a different place - don't be afraid to modify movements, but don't be afraid to push yourself either!

C: My advice is to have fun and don’t be too hard on yourself. Laugh when you attempt something new and struggle. Celebrate the workouts when you do your personal best. High five the other WIPsters at the end. We are all in this together doing the best that we can do. Enjoy the ride. 

J: My advice to others would be the Nike ad..."Just Do It"...block out the negativity and thoughts holding you back and just get it done.

Q: What's your current WIP goal?

E: Rope climbs!

C: My current WIP goal is to do a perfect push-up. I am close and have come a long way but would love to do one without any modifications someday. Climbing the rope would be pretty sweet too 😀. 

J: My current WIP goal is to focus on this year's Challenge and give it my all. This year I have added on the Nutrition component for a more rounded approach to my health goals. I'm focusing on eating better and look forward to seeing how that, coupled with the workouts will impact me overall.  

We continue to be so inspired by these WIPsters everyday that we decided, in their honor, to create a brand new,  ULTIMATE WIPster Prize.  1 winner will be chosen and receive a 3 MONTH (yes, 90 days) WIP Membership!!!  This person will be chosen by the Coaches, Mary Kate, myself and other WIPsters.  This ULTIMATE WIPster will take advantage of all that the Challenge has to offer.  They may not lose the most weight, gain the most muscle or be on the winning WIP GAMES team..but they will commit to WIP and themselves over the next 5 weeks and that's the ULTIMATE prize (well, that and the 3 FREE months to WIP).  So do something for yourself.  It may be scary and a bit out of your comfort zone (or maybe you have been to WIP before and nervous to come back) but now is the time.  Join us for the next 5 weeks.  #justdoit 

To learn more about what the Challenge entails, check out this post.

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