2019 WIP Challenge

We are excited to share the details of this year’s WIP Challenge. Whether you are looking to start a new fitness regimen or are a seasoned WIPster looking to up your game, the challenge is the answer!  The WIP Challenge will run for 5 weeks from April 22nd - May 26th and we are confident this is going to be the best year yet. Unlimited workouts, personalized motivation, prizes and more! You will even receive a NEW exclusive WIP Fitness baseball hat.

This is how it works. The Challenge is open to everyone and there are 2 pricing options.

Unlimited Members - $35 - Purchase Here

Class Pack Holders, New and Past Clients - $125  - Purchase Here

Nutritional Add On Unlimited Members - $80 - Purchase Here

Nutritional Add On Class Pack Holders, New and Past clients - $90 - Purchase Here

Every challenge participant will receive:

  1. Unlimited workouts for 5 weeks (April 22nd-May 26th)

  2. WIP Fitness Exclusive Baseball Hat

  3. ½ Way Bootcamp and Beers In Canton and West Hartford

  4. Supermarket Tour in West Hartford and Canton-Shop Like a Dietitian: Eating Healthy Made Easy

  5. Eligibility for prizes in 5 categories in West Hartford and Canton  

  6. Entrance into WIP Games team competition

  7. Entrance into the WIPster of the Week Running

  8. WIP Sneak Peak - April 20th Free workout to see what we are all about

  9. Access to Private 2019 WIP Challenge Facebook Page

  10. ANC Inbody scans at the beginning and end of the challenge

  11. Option of Nutritional add-on “WIP Shape-up Challenge” info to come…

Total Value - $337 + Prizes

Prizes!!! How do you win them? There are 5 categories that you can compete in. Competing in categories is 100% optional. Prizes will be awarded in both locations with the exception of WIP Games which will have 1 winning team.

  1. Highest percentage of muscle gain - based on survey results gaining muscle was the #1 reason you come to WIP. #2 is reduce stress (see bootcamp and beers events)

  2. Weight Loss Percentage (highest overall percentage of weight loss)

  3. Best Transformation (not looking to lose weight, this category focuses on overall body transformation)

  4. Most Improved - Working on your form or that rope climb? This category is chosen by the coaches and awarded to the person who has improved their individual form and improved skills the most.

  5. WIP Games Team Winner - The WIP Games  will be hosted in West Hartford. The team of 4 with the best score will win. WIP games is Sunday, May 19th (more info below)


1 What is the cost of the challenge?

  • Unlimited Monthly Members are $35

  • Class Pack Holders and New/Past Clients are $125

  • Unlimited Monthly Members Add On Nutritional Challenge - To Come

  • Punchcard and New/Past Clients Add On Nutritional Challenge - To Come

2 What if I have no interest in competing in any of the categories?

  • No Worries, just come for the great deal on unlimited workouts and the WIP Fitness Baseball Hat

3 What is the deal with the Boot Camp and Beers?

  • We will be hosting a Bootcamp and Beers at both locations. Join us for 1 or both.

  1. Friday, May 10th, West Hartford - Workout at 5:00 pm and stay for a drink, snack and hanging with WH WIPsters, drinks start at 6.

  2. Monday, May 13th, Canton - Workout at 6:30 pm and stay for a drink, snack, and hanging with your FV WIPsters, drinks start at 7:30

4 What is the grocery store all about?

  • THIS WAS THE MOST TALKED ABOUT EVENT FROM LAST YEAR’S CHALLENGE. Shana the grocery store guru dietitian is back with a private tour of ShopRite. Not interested in having to spend hours at the grocery store to look at hundreds of foods labels? Well. Shana will lead you through the store, highlighting various food items you should be eating and taking the guess-work out of it! She will provide product and meals ideas, tips and tricks for easy meal planning that are delicious as well as, great for muscle gain and weight loss. Visits will be May 1st in Canton and May 7th in West Hartford. Both tours start at 7:00 pm.

5 What is the deal with the FREE Community Workout(s)?

  • On Saturday, April 20th in Weha at 11:00 am and Noon, we invite you to come see what WIP is all about. A special class designed to walk you through the flow of a WIP Class, help break down the WIP core movements, offer proper form corrections and tips, and help give WIP first timers a little sneak peak into what a WIP class really looks like.

6 Are you offering a nutritional component to the challenge?

  • We are fired up about our supplemental WIP Nutrition Shape-up Challenge, and this year we are adding a meal plan component. Those that participated in the Nutritional portion of the Challenge last year are still talking about the wealth of knowledge and support they received from Shana, in addition to their results. We have worked very hard to provide a well priced, personalized, comprehensive nutritional challenge. Details on the challenge to come…

7 What is involved with the highest muscle gain percentage?

  • Corey from American Nutrition Center will be at WIP West Hartford Friday April 19th from 6:00 am - 1:00 pm and in Canton Tuesday, April 23rd 6 am - 12:00 pm doing InBody scans measuring muscle mass. You can also go see Corey at ANC in Avon (192 W Main St) Saturday or Monday (April 20th or 22nd) if you cannot make those times. You must be scanned by Tuesday, April 23rd to be eligible to compete in this category. Scans are normally $25 each but are free if you are doing the challenge. You will also be required to scan 1 more time at the end of the Challenge and he will determine the winner based on scan results.

8 What does the WIP hat look like?

  • It’s a Legacy baseball hat. It is awesome. This year’s design will be revealed very soon.

9 What if I am away during the Challenge time?

  • The challenge is a great value, even if you are out of town and miss a week or two. We cannot add extra time at the end of the challenge period to make up for lost time.

10 If I want to participate in the weight loss portion of the challenge, what do I do?

  • As previously mentioned participation in all categories is optional. If you would like to participate in the weight loss portion, you need to weigh in by day 3 of the challenge at your home gym. You must weigh in with an ambassador/coach/Mary Kate/Laura.

11 What else is involved in the weight loss portion?

  • We do NOT require you to take pictures or post your weight or anything else. The last few days of the challenge, you will have 1 more chance to weigh in and the highest percentage of weight loss at each location will win a prize. Your beginning or end weights will never be public.

12 What are the WIP Games?

  • Sunday May 19th there will be no regularly scheduled classes. All participants of the challenge are invited to participate in the WIP Games. People will compete in teams of 4. You may make 1 buddy request and then you will be matched up from there. There will be several time slots that you can sign up for and the challenge/workout will last for about 30 minutes. The event will be held in WeHa and the team with the most points will win bragging rights and MORE.. All are invited to attend!

13 What are WIPsters of the Week?

  • This is an acknowledgment of individual(s) in both locations who the coaches feel are just killing it each week. There is no formula to winning WIPster of the week.

14 What are the prizes?

  • Prizes do vary, but include memberships, gift cards and swag

15 What if I frequent both locations?  Will I be eligible for prizes at all?

  • The gym that you frequent the most (based on attendance during challenge) is where you will  be eligible for prizes

16 What is the access to the private Facebook Page?

  • Coaches and clients can track progress, share recipes, discuss goals and celebrate personal victories.

17 What is the best thing about the Challenge?

  • In our opinion, it is the energy, excitement and motivation that comes with the Challenge. So let’s get started!

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to email Mary Kate or Laura. We are so excited to get our Challenge on Together.

Mary Kate Doyle