WIP...it's more than just a workout!

My favorite part of the WIP Workout happens right after the finisher at the end of class.  Those 5-10 minutes after a workout when the WIP community comes together.  Sometimes it's catching up with a friend.  Sometimes it may be to give someone a high-five because they climbed the rope for the first time.  Or maybe it's to thank the coach for correcting your form or pushing you to pick up the heavier kettle bell.  The mood in the room after a WIP Workout is highly contagious.   You are ready to tackle the rest of your day.  Your mood will be elevated.  You feel a real sense of accomplishment.  If you came to class with stress on your shoulders, I can almost guarantee that by the end of class, it will feel lighter.

There is something about sharing your struggle and your success with people that instantly bonds you.  And that is why we LOVE to WIP.  It's more than just a workout.  It's a mood booster.  It's stress relief.  It's a therapy session.  It's a nurturing community.  And it feels good (even when it hurts).

See you at the next workout,


WIPster since 2013

Mary Kate Doyle