Why is a WIP Workout beneficial to Runners?

Karisa answers that question very eloquently below:

-Runners have very specific movement patterns that can sometimes lead to overuse and injury.  Our boot camp classes develop muscular strength and power that helps minimize connective tissue strain and, in turn, reduce risk of injury.

-The answer to overcoming a plateau in your in training isn’t always more miles; cross training with specific conditioning and strength work to develop important muscles in running can be extremely beneficial and reduce the wear and tear that can result from a “more running” strategy. WIP classes focus largely on core, core and more core, and glute and hamstring strength, all of which can help you to achieve that next running level. 

-Incorporating Work in Progress classes into your training program increases endurance, strength, stamina and speed.  The high intensity conditioning and cardiovascular element also helps expand lung capacity.

-WIP Fitness classes provide not only a physical break from some of the repetitive stresses of running, but also a mental break from your normal running routine.  Mixing up your routine with even one day of cross training can help to motivate you to run faster!

-Boot camp classes will increase your running speed on the flats and improve your power to help you get up the hills.

-Besides running your fastest, runners are concerned with their longevity in the sport.  Boot camp helps to round out your training program and give you the strength and balance to stave off injury.  Your body will thank you for a little relief from the roads or trails.

-It’s fun!

Mary Kate Doyle