Enduring December...Programming Goals

Enduring December

December is a month full of holiday cheer and fun. But, along with all the fun comes a seemingly endless “to do” list of so many things- gifts to buy, cookies to bake, rooms to decorate, parties to attend, and just never enough time to get it all done. So what do you do to keep your sanity during this crazy time you might ask...turn to WIP!

Our focus for our December workouts will be increasing our endurance and work capacity. Endurance workouts are all about pacing it out and staying consistent throughout your work time, as well as taking breaks when your body tells you that you need them. We will be working on just one move: the clean, and some variations of this staple movement. 

We need to take the same approach to dealing with the holiday season as we do our longer endurance workouts- take time for yourself when you’re feeling overwhelmed, focus on one task at at a time and don’t try to get everything done all at once. Overall, be consistent with everything you do to avoid the highs and lows that come with this hectic time of year!

So, cheers to enduring December!

Paul Ducey

Mary Kate Doyle