Laura and I were so inspired at our conference in San Diego. Inspiration came from many directions... Michelle Obama, Billie Jean King, the other Lady Bosses we met running their studios, from Barre to Zumba there are so many amazing fitness businesses that inspired us...and intrigued us (ask us about our new pole dancing friends next time you see us). At the end of the day, the place we receive the most inspiration is in our own WIP gyms. This morning, Coach Chinni posted an amazing video of client who hit her 100th class for the year. I remember this client’s, Mallary’s, first class, and I remember the 3 times before her first class when she was a no-show. I remember her tears after her first class and knowing her now and how strong she has become, its hard to believe she is the same person. Laura used the word WIPspiration to describe her and that got me thinking…


Last week, I was in a workout, doing box jumps. I watched clients flip the new soft boxes higher and higher and it made me think... maybe I can do that. 6 years ago, I attempted a 30” box jump. I have scars on both shins to show how that worked out and I haven’t even done a 24” box jump since that day. Watching all our WIPsters push themselves inspired me and sure enough after clearing the 24” box a number of times, I went for it. I landed on my knees the first time which was hilarious and humbling. But Coach Paul assured me I had the ups and sure enough I did. It felt freaking awesome.


WIPspiration happens in our gym every day. October is WIPspiration month. Snap a photo of yourself celebrating an inspirational moment in the gym or take a pic of someone else that inspires you to push harder or jump higher and post it up with the #WIPspiration and tag @WIPFitness. All who enter will be entered to win a free WIP sweatshirt.


Get Inspired,

Mary Kate

Mary Kate Doyle