September programming goals...get ready to "come into the storm" with us!

Summer is coming to end.  Kids and teachers are back in school and everyone is working to get back into the routine of life.

 Since it’s always easier to get into a routine when you set goals for yourself and plan ahead, we have gone back to some programming methods that we had used in June and July (which I think were two of our best months) to help you out.  This month we will have an upper and lower body movement to focus on for our strength days, and will incorporate some exercises to help in everyone’s skill development throughout the week.  Handstands will be our upper body skill and Cleans (power, hang, squat, single arm) will be the lower body movement.  These skilled movements are great for building long term shoulder strength, core strength and lower body power.  They are also a great place to help us get back into a routine since we just spent June working on handstand progressions, and the many variations of the Clean have become a staple movement at WIP. 

 We will be kicking off each week with a speed and agility workout to get everyone fired for football season.  We encourage all clients to wear their favorite teams colors and engage in some friendly trash talk as they work on their quick feet each Sunday.

 In addition to revisiting June’s skilled training, we are also bringing back Fun Friday. The theme for this month is, drumroll please….Fortnite, because its a thing.

If you read Mary Kate’s blog last week about the “Ready Up and Reset” Challenge starting 9/4, or if you have pre-teen/teenage kids in your life, then you have probably heard about the online game sweeping the gaming world and driving parents crazy around the globe.  Buy why should we let the kids have all the fun?  The whole week will be a build up to this Hurricane style work out each Friday.  It will be reminiscent of our Firecracker workouts from July.  Clients will go “into the storm” and most likely a dark place during this high intensity endurance workout.  Hopefully this will help take your mind of the constant battle at home with your kids over Fortnite, it might even include a 50/50 battle of its own...only way to find out is to go into the storm with us!

Daily Breakdown: 

Sunday-Speed and Agility

Monday- Strength

Tuesday- Metabolic

Wednesday- Core

Thursday- Skill Strength

Friday- Endurance “Hurricane”


So (re)set your September goals and ready up…let’s go!


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