Row into August

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For all of you who came up to me this month and said how much you loved the Firecracker theme I really appreciate your feedback! Our coaches did such an amazing job programming both the Wednesday Firecracker workouts and Friday Fun days and it was so great to watch all of you take the extra sweaty challenges head on and finish with a smile on your face. July was a tough month but you were even tougher!

Since it is summertime and I know how much you love that feeling of slicing swiftly through the water in your boat/imaginary boat,  I am going to make sure that you are well prepared to get yourself back home just in case that boat breaks down. This next month’s theme will be “Row into August” and our workouts will incorporate the row machine 3x per week to make sure you are never ever stranded.

The row machine is one of those magical pieces of equipment that can be so physically demanding that it will leave the toughest person in the room dry heaving and gasping for oxygen yet so merciful in that you walk (or hobble) away without strain on your joints. This yin and yang effect allows you to experience the same cardiovascular benefits as running and other high intensity movements without feeling so beat up the next day. As you can see in the chart below, out of all the cardio options given, rowing far exceeds most in the ability to be able able to use the body in its full range of motion and utilize both upper and lower body muscle groups with very little cost of impact.


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When searching for the most safe and effective “bang-for-your-buck” exercise it is hard to beat the rower. In the chart below you get a visual of all the muscle groups being used during each phase of the movement. The red is the primary muscle groups and the yellow is secondary. Not only are the muscles and tendons strengthened but the blood flow being pumped throughout the entire body is extremely powerful in aiding the body in recovery as well. Did I say magical?

In order to make the most of this prodigious movement it is key to focus on good form so that you can get the most out of each “drive” and eliminate any potential for injury. Check out this link to capitalize on efficiency tips to make your next dream row session a reality:

As for the structure of your week each day will look like this:

Monday: Strength

Tuesday: Metabolic w/ Rowing

Wednesday: Core and Conditioning

Thursday: Strength

Friday: Endurance w/ Rowing

Saturday: Coaches Choice

Sunday: Metabolic w/ Rowing

One thing is for certain, rowing is tough! But just remember, when the rowing gets rough just ask yourself, “What would Chuck do?”

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Row on,  Patrick

Mary Kate Doyle