October Programming Focus "Buddy Up"

Hey, lets workout! We all know working out at WIP is awesome, but it’s always a little better with a friend. This month we’re celebrating those who inspire, motivate and push us to be better versions of ourselves. Sometimes that person is a long time friend who convinced you to join in the first place, or it’s someone you met through WIP that you are now close with. We can all think of one person who we know is going to push us through those next 50 minutes. Workout partners are great when you need that inspiration to try a handstand or grab the heavier kettlebell that you otherwise might not attempt.  They can also be the reason you get to the gym. Many of us have either sent or received a text that simply says “WIP today?” or “5:45 tomorrow?”.  By telling a friend you’re going, you have the extra motivation and accountability to get there on the days you’re not “feeling it”.  So, to celebrate workout buddies, the theme for our Fridays will be partner workouts! Get ready to Buddy Up to help get through these tough endurance workouts.

We will continue having 2 skill strength movements that we will focus on.  This month our lower body focus will be working towards improving pistols squats which we laid the groundwork for in September, as well as pull ups as our upper body focus.

Sunday- Speed and Agility

Monday- Skill Strength

Tuesday- Metabolic

Wednesday- Core

Thursday- Strength

Friday- Endurance “Partner Up”

WIP It...With a Buddy,

Coach Paul

Mary Kate DoyleComment