May Programming Goal-ENDURE!

These past few weeks have really been great. We’ve had more people than ever before participate in our 5 Week Challenge and it is has been awesome to see how many of you have already improved in such a short amount of time. For those of you who are new to WIP you are probably asking yourself, “Does this ever get any easier?” or “Will I ever not be sore?”, and my encouraging answer to you is both yes and no :). Let me explain.


Over the last 2 weeks you have most likely noticed some movements that are similar in nature or have been repeated in multiple workouts. The repetition of these exercises gives your body the practice that it needs to learn these key movement patterns that will eventually turn from difficult to simple and efficient (or at least a lot easier). I liken it to driving a car. Whenever you were first learning how to drive you felt overwhelmed by doing multiple things at once such as constantly looking at your speedometer, staying in your lane and paying close attention to street signs all the while trying to carry on a conversation with your friend in the passenger’s a lot! But what happened as you consistently spent more time behind the wheel?  There may have been some accidents along the way, and potentially others to come (I call these “learning moments”), but over time most of you have become so efficient at this skill that you can pretty much organize your entire life schedule while driving and wonder how you made it to your destination safely without even thinking about it. The same occurs when you continue to gain movement experience and focus on learning proper form- it eventually becomes second nature.


As far as not feeling sore anymore, you can ask any WIPster who has been with us since the beginning of WIP time and they will tell you that the soreness never really ends. Another piece of encouragement for you, right? As you have experienced, WIP workouts are intense and ever-changing and the madness behind this method is not merely just for variety sake but also to keep your body guessing so that it will continue to make solid gains and never get comfortable. As your fitness level increases you will naturally push yourself harder or lift heavier in order to improve, so even though the movements become easier a change in weight or intensity will continue to spur growth and many times will result in soreness. As you become more fit and achieve a higher level of fitness your recovery time between workouts will be lessened and you won’t feel as sore for as long. Always remember that eating well and taking days off are extremely important in allowing the body to heal and recover. Outside of putting in the effort in the gym, a good diet and proper sleep time is really where you make the gains.


Now as we enter the next phase of our workouts in May we will begin to focus on our endurance and being able to sustain longer work times. For the last 2 weeks the majority of our work times have been shorter (under 40 seconds of work per rd) but this month you will see longer rounds up to 5 minutes long during the week. We will have 2 days each week that are specifically catered towards endurance but there are some other workouts that will have an endurance effect to them as well. WIPsters who have been with us for a while will be familiar with these timeframes.


What classifies endurance you ask? For WIP style workouts you can experience the benefits of endurance by either performing a movement for a longer period of time (above 40 sec of work time for many of you, but may be earlier for some of you) followed by short rest periods or your overall work time is large with shorter rounds and short rest periods. So one day you may work for 5 minutes straight without any rest and another endurance day may be Tabata style working for 20 seconds and followed by 10 seconds rest, but consistently for 20 minutes without any extra rest between stations. Anytime you work with short work to rest ratios your intensity will always be lower than if you have longer rest rounds. The point is for you to be able to build up stamina by sustaining longer periods of work time with limited recovery time. Due to this the weight that you use on these days should be light to moderate and you should approach these workouts by pacing out your intensity so that you do not burn out quickly. Remember, the goal is sustainable effort and not exhaustion by mid workout. You should have gas in the tank for the second half of the circuit.


Below is your schedule for the month of May. We look forward to watching you progress this month and being a part of helping you achieve your goals!


Sunday: Metabolic

Monday: Strength

Tuesday: Endurance

Wednesday: Core & Metabolic

Thursday: Strength

Friday: Endurance

Saturday: Coaches Choice

“He conquers who endures.”- Persius

To endurance,


Mary Kate Doyle