Mad Skillz


First things first, CONGRATS to everyone who stuck with their goal of completing the WIP Challenge this past month! It was incredible to see the energy that you all brought into the gym each and every day. Within just a 5 week period of time we had more people than ever before experience positive results in their health, strength, muscle gain, fat loss, and overall well-being. As you can see, when you are consistent and driven to change, good things will follow. We look forward to helping you reach your next goal on your fitness journey!


As for June’s focus, we will spend more time concentrating on skill related movements such as rope climbs, pistol squats, and handstands since many of you have expressed a desire to practice these and improve upon them. Mondays and Thursdays will be the day that we will integrate these skill specific movements into our workouts and the goal is for you to experience progression in these by the end of the month.


The reality of skill work is that it is tough and can oftentimes be frustrating, yet it is incredibly rewarding when you finally achieve your goal! Skill development takes a lot of time to learn along with countless repetitions to get the patterns down. Unlike traditional weight training where you just pick up heavier weight to get stronger, being proficient in a highly skilled movement requires a heavy dose of strength, balance, control, and body awareness to be successful in it.


Instead of trying to write out and explain the progressions for each of these particular movements I have found some videos that can be of help to you. By no means are these the only ways in which you can achieve these skill sets but I have used many of the methods myself and I will say that if you practice them consistently, you will see results. So, grab your popcorn, sit back, and get ready to be skill schooled! Since you know your own current skill level, take notes and make sure to begin practicing these in your next workout session or even at home.


What to expect:


- Mondays you will get to spend some time honing your rope climbing skills, whether you are just learning your first steps or you desire to progress to the coveted legless climb.


- Mondays and Thursdays you will get see the Pistol Squat implemented as well. Other exercises such as the split squat, lunge, and standard squat (specifically hips below parallel) also assist in supplementing the pistol squat practice.


-Thursdays you will practice handstand work but you will also do other drills on Mondays that strengthen your handstand such as the Pike Press and Handstand Shoulder Taps from the box.


Rope Climbing: (Spanish Wrap) (Russian Wrap aka J-hook) (Legless step 1) (Legless step 2) (Strict Legless step 3)


Pistol Squat:



Your week will look like this:


Monday: Strength/Skill

Tuesday: Metabolic

Wednesday: Core & Conditioning

Thursday: Strength/Skill

Friday: Metabolic

Saturday: Coaches Choice

Sunday: Endurance

Our coaches are a wealth of knowledge so if you need further understanding of a particular skill please don’t hesitate to ask. We want you to be successful...and look cool doing it too :-).

To mad skillz,


Mary Kate Doyle