July Programming Focus

Firecrackers and Fun

As we finish out the month of June it was great to experience so many of you progressing within your handstands, pistol squats, and rope climbs! Even if you haven’t yet fully climbed the rope, kicked up into a handstand, or ditched the TRX for your pistols you should at least be feeling a  little more confident with the movements having had multiple chances to practice them. Remember, any skill that you want to acquire takes practice, practice, practice. There is no substitute. The great thing is that you can continue to work on movements like the handstand and pistol at home since they require no equipment.


Since we focused a lot of our time practicing technical skills in June I thought it appropriate to lighten up the mood in July and have some good ole challenging “fun” as well as spark some motivation to help you #getyour30 WIP Summer Challenge off to a good start.  As we enter into the month of the Firecracker I have tasked some of our coaches to create a “Firecracker Workout” each Wednesday that will be the most challenging workout of the Monday-Friday week to keep your heart racing and body burning (in a good way of course :). The movements will be ones that you are already very familiar with but the rep scheme or timing will correspond to the day that its on. For instance, on Wednesday the 4th of July you will see the number 7 and 4 a lot, but on the Wednesday the 18th you will see the similar movements but at a different rep scheme that will center around 7 and 18. Likewise, for the 11th and 25th your timing will focus around those numbers. Make sure to be present because you will not want to miss these!


Another addition to the weekly mix will be a “Friday Fun Day Workout” where you will be working out within a group or a team atmosphere. This day is all about encouraging your teammates, sweating together, and having as much fun as possible as you go into the weekend. This day will have a game-like feel to it so make sure to bring your relay mindset.

Below is what your weekly focus will look like starting this Sunday July 1:


Sunday: General Conditioning

Monday: Strength

Tuesday: Core

Wednesday: Firecracker

Thursday: Strength

Friday: Friday Fun Day

Saturday: Coaches Choice

The WIP team is looking forward to spending a great July with you and we are excited to bring the heat as you bring the BOOM! to this Firecracker month (sorry I had to take advantage of that dad joke).


To a hot and schweaty month,


Mary Kate Doyle