Challenge Check-In

Challenge is well under way. OVer 250 people particiapted in this year's challenge and we have been so inspired by all of you. We all have different things we commit to during this time and for Laura and I it was getting our nutrition on track. We are very lucky...we work at a gym; getting 5-6 workouts a week is a lot easier for us than for most people so adding more WIP was not part of our Challenge Goal this year. This year we focused on getting our nutrition in check. We have been participating in the nutritional challenge with Shana and it has been a huge support for us. We have taken turns packing lunches for each other, we have reduced the amount of beer we drink and taken miimum 3 days off a week from any alcohol, we have even replaced our favorite afternoon pick me up with Cold Brew and Califa almond milk creamer. Here is the crazy thing, it doesn't feel like a sacrafice, it feels incredible. 

Here was the big surprise to both of us. In addition to the amazing effects of eating right and really planning out and spending time concentrating on our nutrition, this new control started affecting other parts of our lives unrelated to our diet. First of all, we are killing workouts, lifting heavier and more energetic beginning to end. We are reading books before bed instead of snacking and drinking wine. Laura even said to me, "my house is cleaner", and i had to laugh as I had just cleaned out a closet I hadn't opened in years. When the kids were little I used to say, "sleep begets sleep" and I feel like "control begets control". When we have control/moderation in one area of our life it permeates other areas, so we are already making plans to have this newfound control transition right into the summer months.  Just becasue the challenge is ending doesn't mean we are letting go of all these improvements. Its not too late to set your intention and just because the challenge is ending doesn't mean you should roll back all the progress you have made. 

Keep Challeging Yourselves,

Mary Kate and Laura

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